Register for Concert Association E-mails

Why register?

So we can send you occasional e-mail reminders about upcoming concerts, workshops, master classes, dinners with the artists, changes or cancellations in programs, special information about parking and auditorium access changes during construction, and the like.

Frequently-asked questions:

Will you swamp my in-baskets with e-mail?

No. We expect to send only a dozen or so e-mail messages a year, mostly reminders about upcoming events sent a week or two ahead.

Do you give my email addresses to anyone else?

No. We don't share, loan, rent or sell your e-mail address. We only use it to communicate with you about Concert Association events and information.

Once on, can I get off your email list?

Yes. The first e-mail you will get is an automated confirmation that you have subscribed. Every subsequent e-mail message will have a simple unsubscribe link at the bottom. Unsubscribe and we will stop sending you any e-mail.