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The Los Alamos Concert Association was formed in 1946, when the town was still a closed military base for the Manhattan Project, and has been bringing world class artists to Los Alamos ever since. Many of the original Manhattan Project scientists and engineers were amateur musicians, and to this day Los Alamos has a high proportion of talented musicians and artists among its population, perhaps because of the large number of scientists and engineers living and working here.

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization run by an all-volunteer board under the guidance of a volunteer artistic director. Board members serve 4 year terms, and must rotate off the board for at least a year before returning, though they can serve as non-voting associates while off the board.

If you would be interested in serving on the board, please let the board president or any board member know of your interest. We can always use more willing workers.

Los Alamos Concert Association Board 2017-2018

Ann McLaughlin | Artistic Director

Vernon Smith | President
Nancy Cerutti | 1st Vice Pres.
Deniece Korzekwa | 2nd Vice Pres.
Jim Tencate | Secretary
Hal Davis | Treasurer
Dorothy Amsden
Linda Boncella
Ellen Morris Bond
Kyung Burton
Bob Chrien
Lise Chrien
Chris Del Signore
Bill Godwin
Lynn Godwin
Patrice Goodkind
Brian Haines (associate)
Terry Izraelevitz (associate)
Heather Jones (associate)
Jim Knudson
Winnifred Lamartine
Pierre-Yves LeBas
Lena Lopatina (associate)
Carolyn Mangeng
Anne Marie Peeters Weem (associate)
Bob Williams
Dan Winske


Donations to LACA can be made in memory or in honor of someone special in your life. Donations to LACA are fully tax-deductible.



From our very first concert with the Trapp Family Singers in 1946 the Los Alamos Concert Association has brought world class artists and unforgettable musical experiences to our town without interruption since 1946. Many have offered workshops, master classes or school programs here as well. Here are some of the great artists who have shared their music with us..

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